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Services: Diamonds listing (certified) price lists IDEX PRICE - RAPAPORT

With the increase in risk, it is the search for an alternative investment reality, and it is precisely in these contexts that the world returns to appreciate the benefits of physical raw materials. Diamonds, just like gold and silver, how to increase the price ...

through our customer service, they concern the necessary assistance to be able to sell or buy every single lot; Your order will be processed with "Tracked shipping"; like the international GIA, IGI, HRD, IGL certificates

we are qualified consultants in the field of investment diamonds as a shelter asset, we support the customer in the choice of the stones, investments in gold, and / or other assets peritable; we offer our Ciente an integrated service, which provides for the possibility to buy at international auctions at discounted prices with respect to the current price lists;

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our investment diamonds are "exclusively" diamonds round, D color perfect, 3Ex

from 0.50 ct., 1.00 ct., 1.50 ct., 2 ct., etc.

book your investment retail: es: 1 ct. D, IF, ex, ex, ex, from $ 14,000 + tax

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