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we are qualified consultants in the field of investment diamonds as a shelter asset, we support the customer in the choice of the stones, investments in gold, and / or other assets peritable; we offer our Ciente an integrated service, which provides for the possibility to buy at international auctions at discounted prices with respect to the current price lists;

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only D color IF ex, ex, ex


our investment diamonds are "exclusively" diamonds round, D color perfect, IF, 3Ex,

from 0.50 ct., 1.00 ct., 1.50 ct., 2 ct., etc.

book your investment retail: es: 1 ct. D, IF, ex, ex, ex, from $ 14,000 + tax


only diamonds D color IF ex, ex, ex


only investment diamonds with international certificates, book now your .. D color IF, ex, ex, ex

quality and certification


choose your certificate, .. without surprises !! ...