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... this page is dedicated to our managers and brokers who collaborate in the development of our company in the world; in fact among our best customers we count
many professionals, accountants, lawyers, engineers, architects, entrepreneurs, willing not to let inflation erode the invested capital; 

ceo BIF Invest Srls  Bruno_Nadir Casellato 

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... works as a consultant, manager and sales promotion for diamonds

in fact in the last 20 years, diamonds have always given positive performances; and it is for this reason that we invite you to invest in certified diamonds.

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Good investments to all! .. and do not forget to give them to your friends, wives, children .. of you will always remember.
by BIF Invest Srls

Wikipedia: investment diamond

diamonds performance 20 years, says Wikipedia - investment diamond

it is the term that is given to the diamond when it is used as a shelter, real and tangible, guaranteed by international certifications. The diamond belongs to the category of 'Investments of Passion', such as art, jewelery, watches and collectible wines, Persian carpets, illuminated codes, ... It is a long-term investment product, useful for diversify the financial portfolio. Historically, the diamond has always been re-evaluated by going to join the gold as a refuge for excellence