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  The priorities of the consulting department in precious raw materials  is to guarantee your economic success.  Regardless of your goal - you can expand your horizons,  increase economies of scale, increase your portfolio   we are here to make sure everything is planned  and executed correctly and trustfully.   nothing else more palatable in a booming global market, but a deficit in the monetary and financial stability of governments at risk of default. We therefore offer you qualified advice on durable goods  to always provide you with maximum results!   CEO Bruno_Nadir CASELLATO financial project Banks' Above  

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Our team specializes in "pure" DIAMOND supplies IF, D Color, 3 EX, EX, EX  accompanied by international certificates IGI, GIA, HRD;   we offer technical-management consulting on the purchase of physical gold ingots, in certified bars of 100, 250, 500, 1000, 12500 gr. 24 Kt. 999.9

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challenge With the increase in risk, it is the search for an alternative investment reality, and it is precisely in these contexts that the world returns to appreciate the benefits of physical raw materials. Diamonds, just like gold and silver, how to increase the price . While precious metals seem to be dragged implacably downwards, diamonds seem sheltered from the storm of raw materials. High returns and tax benefits, the diamond seduces investors. Ediamanti gold, two raw materials that are starting to run low .. However, the interest around precious stones is constantly growing. Here are the things to know for those who choose to focus on brilliant stones. Diamond is a medium and long-term investment. How many commodities should be affected by fluctuations in production and inventory levels, ...


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